~ Wandering ~

So much for staying up with my blogging efforts. It’s been over two years since my last post and after all that time working out the perfect build and deployment process I got such little use out of actually using it. No more posts, no follow through, no conviction, nothing. Once I feel I’ve solved the design/development problems on something my attention wanders off looking for something else to tackle. The only reason I’m writing this now is because I found a yet another, newer blogging engine that I wanted to try, so out with the old Metalsmith and in with the new Gatsby.

This isn’t because of any issue with Metalsmith, I very much like it and still use it for setting up quick process pipelines for various things at work. They have a ton of plug-ins and good developer community that keeps it fresh. I would still use it for quick, simple ways of setting up transformation pipelines. Gatsby on the other hand is more for quick setup of React based projects and not as flexible for a general build tool. The main reason to make the switch was more because I was looking to get a personal React project going and had been following the progress of Gatsby for a while and liked the direction it was going.

Gatsby uses a React component based front end, GraphQL data fetching and other features that I was interested in working with so I’ve converted the site over and worked up a re-design to keep it fresh.

It’s also a new year, a time when people look back and reassess, set resolutions and re-focus priorities. I would imagine that “write more” is a common resolve for some, as it has been with me, but new years resolutions always seem like a self-esteem trap. This year I’ll settle for just trying to write more.

M.C. Escher / Möbius Strip II