~ TeaParty ~


Poster design for Math Department

My cousin, who teaches math at The University of Scranton, called me a while back and wanted to know if I would come up with a poster to put up around the school campus that let students know about the math departments upcomming social event. Of course it was hard to resist the idea to riff off of Alice’s teaparty but that seemed a bit trite and also open to wide interpretations. So I went with a more geometric approach. The result is the image above.

Small as it was, I enjoy a good print design job every now and then. Working as a desktop print designer was how I got my professional start as a designer and I love the maths. Also, it was just fun to think about advertising a math tea party. I was happy with the result for the couple hours I spent on it so decided to post it here.

FUN FACT: The wireframe for the teapot is in fact the Utah teapot