With over two decades of experience innovating in the digital media industries. I have managed and consulted for corporations of all shapes and sizes, developed a variety of pioneering online services, B2B systems, SAAS systems, and hold 9 patents. I've helped small business owners and big CEO's take their idea from the back of napkin or multi-page business requirement document to their online dream. I've worked with stakeholders to shake out ideas, define information spaces, identify design patterns, understand their users and their data, wireframe mockups, prototype, test, iterate, build teams, build processes, build users and realize their next new thing. I even alternate between electric and manual toothbrush every other night because I think it makes my teeth cleaner.

For those currious about my thoughts and approach to developing software or computers I have a few related blog posts you can read or skip over to my Github, NPM profiles. For those looking for more of the conceptual/design side of software the following are a few case studies of some of my UI/UX work.

~ UI/UX ~

Verizon FiOS Media Manager

Screen shots showing integrations with Verizon's Media Manager desktop application with the FiOS TV system. This application let users manage personal media files from a home computer to be viewed through a FiOS TV set top box.

Verizon FiOS Facebook Integration

Screen shots showing the user experience of sharing FiOS media with your Facebook feed and other social media platforms.

Verizon Card Search

Screen comps. that illustrating a concept for browsing card style records using the up, down, left, right buttons (d-pad) on older style cell phones.

Zix Corp.

Screen shots of Zix Corp's site redesign.

Ernst & Young

Screen shots of E&Y's new hire orientation site and Value management sites.

Texas Electronics Inc.

Screen shots of Texas Electronic Inc. corporate site.


A few more screen shots of older sites I've designed and developed for various companies earlier in my career.