Software Designer


As a Software Designer I have focused my career on the practice of Software Engineering and User Experience. With over 20 years experience in the field of web technologies, I enjoy the full process of how ideas become reality. I’m passionate about design, simplicity, the open web and making things that are both useful and enjoyable.

Work experience

  1. 2018–Present

    Lead Web Developer • Cartizen

    Lead web and native application development and engineering efforts on companies flagship products, Autoboard web, iOS and Android applications which together are used by sales organizations to speed up and automate auditing of merchants seeking payment processing systems.

  2. 2016–2017

    Lead Web Engineer • Lanvera

    Led web application development and engineering efforts on Lanvera’s document management system. This mobile responsive web application is used by over 2.5 million users who view and manage highly sensitive financial documents.

  3. 2014–2016

    Senior Web Engineer • Avaya Incorporated

    Implemented a company wide, modern web development and deployment work flow (Dev Ops) along with leading multiple teams on four different continents in the migration of old monolithic, server-side web applications to smaller, more modular and client-side web application architectures. Helped successfully campaign for the adoption of modern web browsers within the company.

  4. 2012–2014

    Web Evangelist & Engineer Consultant • Infovision

    Contracted at Verizon to help conceptualize and prototype next generation web and television experiences for the FiOS TV product. Worked closely with design, development and marketing departments to build web applications to better facilitate project development. Developed Angular application with Node JS back end using sockets to simulate TV/remote interactions.

  5. 2012

    Business Analyst & Information Architect • Epsilon

    Worked closely with business leads to finalize the requirements for FedEx's online customer learning portal. Developed initial information architecture and user experience wireframes.

  6. 2011–2012

    User Experience Designer • Pyramid Consulting Inc.

    While at Pyramid, I was contracted at Capital One to help craft the online experience for customers looking to refinance their home mortgage. I was heavily involved in requirements gathering, UX design, conducting user testing and performance measuring.

    Prior to that, I was first contracted as a web developer to help build Capital One's first online payments system. Also, design and developmented an employee online time tracking system. Designed imagery and helped champion "Interface 99" conference. (Capital One's first human computer interface conference.)

  7. 2001-2011

    Senior Prototype Developer & UX Design • Verizon Communications

    Lead interaction designer for conception, wireframing, and prototyping of next generation fiber optic network services. Worked closely with CIO and top management to design and promote key experience of company’s upcoming fiber optic TV service. Worked closely with upper management and marketing on developing interactive TV services strategies.

  8. 2003-2004

    Director of Online Development • Zixcorp

    Led company's online presence as well as designed all interactive marketing material for company’s secure email and mobile medical services. Conducted all SEO strategies for corporate website.

  9. 2000-2001

    Web Designer • Object Space Incorporated

    Lead web designer and front-end developer on all company consulting projects. Main designer for the Galileo *phone based, flight reservation system. This included the web based management tools as well as the WAP decks served to the phones. *This was pre-smartphone days.

  10. 1997-1999

    Art Director & Web Specialist • Ernst & Young

    Art director on a web enabled training tool for a telecommunications company. Helped write company's early consulting methodologies around web based projects. Art director on many web and multimedia projects


Over my career I've had opportunity to work on interesting user experiences as well as technical problems. I enjoy this R&D work and have even had some of my efforts granted U.S. patents.

  1. Pub: 5.21.13

    System and method for securing account access by verifying account with email provider

  2. Pub: 5.21.13

    Augmenting interactive television content utilizing a dynamic cloud activity guide

  3. Pub: 11.13.12

    Interactive remote control

  4. Pub: 7.27.13

    Systems and methods for radial display of time based information

  5. Pub: 6.10.12

    Radial menu display systems and methods

  6. Pub: 6.24.12

    Graphical user interface for mobile device

  7. Pub: 12.31.09

    Systems and methods for facilitating access to content instances using graphical object representation

  8. Pub: 10.6.11

    Enhanced media content tagging systems and methods

  9. Pub: 5.5.11

    Media content watch list systems and methods

Technical skills

I have a broad understanding of Web technologies and open standards, including:

I also have heavy experience with a wide range of graphic, 3D, and prototyping softwares including:


  1. 1992–1994

    Associates of Applied Arts (Visual Communication)

    Art Institute of Dallas

  2. 2002

    Advanced Photoshop Techniques

    Digital Mastery

  3. 1998

    HFI User Interface Design & Usability

    Digital Mastery

  4. 1998

    Advanced Flash & Actionscript

    Macromedia Certified Training

  5. 1997

    Advanced Lightwave 3D Modeling and Surfacing

    Washburn University

Professional interests

The open web, user experience, interface design, API design, networked applications, connecting things to the web, web accessibility, technical writing, graphic design, color theory, typography, performance optimization, reading, writing, learning new things & helping others.

Spoke on “Java Technology as a medium for art and Creativity: Mixing Technology and art with processing” with Michael Ingrassia at the JavaOne confrence; San Francisco; 2006.