Me on day #1,790

Hello, I’m Greg Johns, a designer, software engineer, tinkerer, hacker, father of two and husband to one. I've kept up a personal website since before blogs were a thing. The thoughts and writing on this site pertain mainly to working and playing with computers, open source ideas, creativity or any other thing I might find interesting enough to blog about.

As a youngster I was ever the artistic type, always drawing, painting, making messes or reading comics books which garnered me a reputation of “art/nerd” type with my schoolmates. After my formal years I went to The Art Institute for a degree in Visual Communication hoping to work as an illustrator/designer for a magazine or marketing agency but the year was 1994 and a fellow student introduced me to this Internet and the WWW thing. This was a sea change for me and would set me to seek out a truer self as a “creative/techie/nerd” type.

A year later I graduated with an art degree and tried the starving artist thing, worked as a print designer and side gigged as an assistant inker on an actual published comic book. I saved enough for a Mac clone and continued to follow my interests in web development and interactive design. On the side I started designing and building websites for small to mid sized companies around Dallas.

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In 1997 I worked as a designer for Ernst & Young. There I was recognized as one who could not only work with stakeholders to help realize and design their ideas but also one who could turn those ideas into working code. As my fascination with computers and programming grew I moved into a more design/prototype role and helped projects move faster from idea to wireframe to working prototypes. But being ever curious it was only a matter of time before I worked my way back to the server, database and analytics layer of software development. I've been working in the field of user experience and/or front end/full stack web development ever since.

Now I work primarily as a front-end/full-stack web developer. I've built web applications with vanilla.js to Angular to React and Polymer and experimented with as much of the front end madness as possible. I’m not partial to any one type of tech stack or framework but I lean more towards highly scalable, low friction, quickly deployable SPA or JAMstack architectures with node.js api's on the server.

I still enjoy the beginning ideation process and working with UX teams to deliver a strong product from start to finnish. I've read where someone described designing API's as the ultimate in interface design. After following philosophies in design as well as Unix I would agree. To learn more about some of my past work see: